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    How to make macros and scripts with logitech mice and keyboards?

    Hi, this may be one of my first posts here on this forum, so hey =) I have been reading the homepage posts for well over a year now and have found them to be amazing and informative. I thought I would come to your community for my question then. =D

    I have a logitech G110 gaming keyboard and a logitech g500 gaming mouse.
    I also have a logitech G390 gaming headset, but I don't really think much can be done to play around with it. (I do like logitech =/)

    Could someone help me in either finding a detailed tutorial link, or some help on making complicated scripts and macros for these products. I have searched extensively and found I am not a very good Googler (there has to be some sort of software demonstration)

    Some things I would like to do:
    G110- lighting scripts, macros controlling mousekey buttons, a profile that completely switched the mice's profile also.
    G500- ability to switch macros when I go from my internet browser, to my game, to pretty much any application I suppose.

    And anything else =P

    Probably some of these things are quite impossible idk, I'm not sure if I have the correct software.
    Update: List of Software
    Logitech Gaming Software 7.00
    Logitech SetPoint 6.20
    Logitech G930
    For: tool_462, I hope that one of these would be the proper software, suppose I need to find a detailed tutorial on them
    Thanks!- FennecFox, aka icemaster414
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    I don't have those particular items but the G15/G13 software that you download off Logitech's website can do advanced macroing and profiling for any button you want.
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