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    Do you guys use "Let 3D application decide" on the Nvidia control panel?

    I'm assuming that by letting the actual game make the changes, the game will look exactly like how the developers wanted it to look without taxing the performance more than it should.... does forcing AA/AF or high textures in the Nvidia control panel really make the game look any better than the "in-game" options? Will the performance hit be worth the actual graphical improvements?

    For example, in Witcher 2... I'm playing everything on high and it is SO much smoother with having "let 3D app decide" enabled.... and there was no noticeable graphical downgrade at all.

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    I usually have it on app decide, and occasionally enhance the application.

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    I have it on app decide as well, it just means you choose the settings in the game or application instead of having the exact same settings or forcing 4AA and such on games without those options.
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    I have it on let the app decide as well. I will never force unless it I need to force it, if the app isn't working correctly or the option is unavailible in-game.
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    almost always on App Decide, though I have run into games that require you to set it manually because Steam messes up the settings and the game runs WORSE when set to auto, like Dragon Age Origins.

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    i always force AF filtering to 16x vsync and triple buffering. then i set overall quality to high.

    with some games these options may cause graphical glitches or simply do not work.
    some games though do not give you such options or are disabled because there are implementation of these filters that work with other rendering techniques.
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    Let the 3D application decide, never really adjust from Nvidia control panel apart from the odd occasion anyway, though I force my VSync off.
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