hey. im kinda knew to overclocking..

i was mucking around with the bios and decided to overclock my 800eb mhz cpu

i got it to around 1000 and the temp was around 28c - 30c, but it kept resetting.

i found out that you must set the votage up, but im not sure how to... the box for the m/b says that you can, and i have checked everywhere in the bios

i went to jetways site and tryed to get a new bios update, but there wasnt much in the way of the 695as

all that i could find was
695AS Support "Samuel 2" ratio adjustment
695AS Avoid some VGA card test failed under 3D Winbench 99 Rev 1.2

If someone could please help me with this i would be really greatful.

thanks -a sad lonely little person stuck on 800mhz