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    which projects utilize the hard drive the most?

    it seems climate prediction uses my hard drives the most.. but there are tons of others out there i havnt looked into.

    so my question is, which projects utilize the hard drive the most?

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    Folding@Home uses the hard drive, the most, measured from the volume of data. Specifically, the -bigadv (big advanced) work units. They're data is indeed BIG.

    For all the BOINC clients (SETI, Rosetta, World Community Grid, etc.), the answer is hard to find, because you can set BOINC disk usage up yourself - how often it can write to the hd, how big an area it can use on your hd. Right down to what area each BOINC project can use, (if you are working with multiple BOINC projects), within the area you have given BOINC to use on your hd.

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