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    First Build Temp Questions

    So this is my first build in many many years and it is a WHS 2011 machine for now depending on how I like it.

    I have speedfan installed to check some temps and have some questions that have come up regarding some

    CPU: i3-2105
    MOBO: Asus P8H67-M Pro
    Cooler: Noctua D14
    HDD: WD Black 7200, Samsung SP 1 TBs
    Case: Corsair 600T
    PSU: CX600

    All case fans are on high, and even with side panels off temps are the same..

    Below is a screen shot of SpeedFan and SensorView

    Question is I see my core temps (around idle) are at 21-22C (mobo bios also shows this as the cpu temp when i check them in the Asus Bios), but I ten see what both programs think is the CPU at 81C and another item which is AUX at around 90C what are those two showing the temp of. I assume if my cores are at 21C then I am good but what CPU reading is it referring to as Asus BIOS is showing CPU temps around the 22C mark.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Well with a Noctua D14 cooler I would trust that the core temp readings are more accurate than the CPU temp readings. Core temps are the important readings anyway. Why don't you run Prime95 blend for 10 minutes and see what that does to the readings. Idle temp is not that relevant anyway. Load temp is the concern.
    CPU: i5-7600k@4.8ghz
    Motherboard: ASRock Z270 Killer SLI/ac
    Cooler: Custom loop with Swiftech MCP50X pump, EK-Spremacy Evo block, Koolance 360x29mm 30 fins per in. radiator, 38x120mm 4000rpm Delta fans on Sunbeam Rheobus Extreme fan speed controller
    RAM: 2x8 gb Crucial 2400 Ballistic DDR4
    GPU: XFX Rx480 8gb/1080p Asus monitor
    Case: NZXT Source 530
    PSU: OCZ 750W
    Storage: Segate 480 gb SSD + 1x1tb spinner
    OS: Windows 10

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    Once my storage drive finishes mirroring I will run Prime95 for a bit and see how it does under 100% loading.

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    Ran Prime95 for a bit and core 0 and 1 temps went to around 40C and the "CPU" temp went down a bit, with almost no delta in temp change. Do not know what temperature it is still monitoring as everything is still pretty chilly in the case.

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    After some searching around it seems like the CPU temp in speedfan may be the H67 (southbridge) chipset temps....does/would that 90C be correct for that...

    As I said, have not build a desktop in YEARS so all of this is all new to me..

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    Speedfan is old and stinks use coretemp.

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