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    CM HAF 932 case mod / dremel?

    hey everyone, a friend talked me in to cutting out his gamer tag into the side of his HAF 932. I looked up the case and it's made of steel. I was wondering if the Dremel 7700 would be the proper tool to use for this, because it's all he has. I tried cutting out the "M" on the design but its a pretty thick side panel and am a bit worried im going to break either the dremel or ruin the side panel. I have been looking around to see if this dremel is worthy of doing this job, but have yet to find anything on the subject.

    Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.
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    Depending on your budget, and how much it matters to you, I would say the best choice is to use a waterjet to cut it. It may take a little research to find one locally, and it will probably cost more than you want to spend, but the end result will be much better. That being said, if you still want to use a dremel or something similar, I can't help you out, but someone else should come along soon.

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    depending on the size of it, a dremel or jigsaw would probably be the cheapest options. If you dremel it then file down all the edges, it will look great, Youll need to find good blades for the dremel though, and you might go through many depending on how thick it is. If price isnt an issue then you could always get it laser cut... but that would cost mega $$$
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