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    suggestions for a 850w psu

    please help me I need some suggestions for a good power supply for my gaming rig and it must be 850w and I don't care if it modular or not

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    Corsair or Seasonic. Corsair because its cheaper.
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    recentally i got one of these things
    local choices :-)

    i like efficient, sure it is great to save power, but lack of wastes is less heat, but more than that efficency can be longer term like not cooking caps and all.
    i will never need the full 800, but it had even better voltages than the last PSU which i could tweak most of the voltages to suit.
    it is just one big fat 12v rail making that simple.
    just what i wanted, but my needs are low, and i always have regulated UPS on the ac side.

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    List of Recommended PSU's

    Check that link - the folks around here have done the hard work for ya.

    Buy one of them and you're set!
    I.M.O.G. Because Australia. ;)

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    NZXT 850W, is not a bad PS for the money either
    Has some very good reviews on it also

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    XFX 850w black is a great PSU also.
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