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Thread: Tempature @lert

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    Tempature @lert

    I'm looking to get this device for my server room. Funny thing is that you guys have a banner advertizing them.. Does overclockers use it? How good does it work?


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    If all you need is the temperature alert sent to you, you can get something much cheaper at an aquarium store (water/air thermal probes= same thing).

    If you need something that'll read over 130F though, then no. Aquarium sensors don't go higher. There are ones that will send an alert to your mobile phone for less than that but they don't email you.
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    I need the function of what that device does... I did a Google search and found that (Tempature@lert) to be the best value for what it does... I was asking if anyone has it, and used it..?

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