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    Leadtek trying to screw me?

    my card was performing like crap, tried all their suggestions and they finally just gave me an RMA #. So I shipped it out on Feb. 11th, and the UPS tracking number tells me they received it on the 18th. I email them yesterday to see what kind of progress is going on, and i get this exact reply "hi sir we have not recieve it yet Thank You."

    i'm like wtf??

    anyways, emailed them the tracking number to show them they supposedly already received it. waiting for reply.

    my mx400 is killing me

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    You would be better off calling somebody there and talking to them. If its important why did you send an email?
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    i'm sorry to hear that i the returns i have had to a long time once a memory chip was bad and it took 3 months to get a replacement then they left me with the bill of shipping the item which was $35(fedex) and still haven't got that cleared up
    well best of luck

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    It maybe because they recieve a load of RMA and yours is in one of the many piles (And UPS tracking clarified it arrived because, it obviously arrived there and its just waiting to be looked at)..

    I was worried with my WD drive like this as well but they update things at the last moment.

    Just give it a minimum of 3 days or something..

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