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    I'm going with 60 and 73
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    147 & 152.Crossing Fingers.
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    Does the answer included reports from other forums that are referenced or linked in the thread?
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    hmmm. . . 185?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost_recon88 View Post
    Does the answer included reports from other forums that are referenced or linked in the thread?
    Good question Kyle. Includes components cooked by our forum members. Not counting those saying this guy over there did blah blah blah.
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    155.......and 175.
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    156 is my first guess

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    Matt, are you going to post the data from all of our guesses or you keeping that file locked?

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    If I had to throw a number out there, 137 or 166. Yeah, that sounds good
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    I'd better go count.
    Then if it gets close and the count needs to be higher to win I can start baking things with photo proof real quick

    Not sure I've actually started enough threads.
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    420 AND 277
    If it ain't broke let me take a crack at it.

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    Ok, if 2 guesses, I'll say 89 and 93?

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    Baked? 420. That is all.


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    177 and 182
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    hold on where's nd4spd lol he's got this baking thing down.

    my guess is around 170
    heatware 206-0-0
    good xbox had some good times
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    my two guesses
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    Do we count the testimonials from the first post?

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