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    Quote Originally Posted by MIAHALLEN View Post
    Nope, its finished except for the feet which will be replace with something more asthetically pleasing once we find something. I quite like it the way it is with the black top and sides...I don't like to overdue it
    some nice clear resin feet would look good and match the gpu water block look. could also maybe add some low light led's to them

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    Quote Originally Posted by new2thescene View Post
    That's amazing. Say goodbye to Full towers.
    when you think about it really, theres no need for anything more than this for a daily pc. apart from gaming with multiple GPU's, or having to have a massive stack of hard drives in your pc, an itx system is all thats needed, especially now with the socket 1155 itx boards that provide mass power and can match the larger boards. The older itx boards werent as good as they generally((as far as i know)with a few exceptions) only took the likes of atom processors, which to be honest, aren't great. between this and maih's other itx build, this well and truely proves that you can fit a great deal of power into a "tight space"

    I do however know that most people, wont go down the road of ditching there full sized pcs for daily rigs. especially seen as finding a decent looking itx case is a task on its own. maybe threads like this will motivate more manufacturers to come up with more itx cases?

    We can hope.

    Good job Miah
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