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    USB 3.0 Slow Transfer Rates

    So, I just purchased a 1TB WD Passport USB 3.0 drive to back up some files with and have been extremly disappointed by the maximum transfer speed witnessed so far of 36.5mb/s.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this slow down? I built a computer for a friend with the same board (P8P67 Deluxe) and he used his WD USB 3.0 drive that veyr same day to transfer rates of higher than 70-100mb/s

    My USB drivers are up to date, and I installed the included software from WD. I'm really confused an annoyed, can anyone help?

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    Did your friend have the exact same USB 3.0 drive? It looks like your drive may be using a laptop HDD that probably doesn't have the best transfer rates.

    How large are the files you are transfering to determine the transfer rate?

    What transfer rate do you get if you plug it into a USB2.0 port? The theoretical max on USB2.0 is around 60MB/s, so you could be on a USB2.0 port.
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    run an HDD benchmark like ATTO or HD Tune.
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