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    AMD Athlon II x3 3.2GHZ OC'd

    My Specs:
    600W Diablo Tek Dual Rail PSU
    Foxconn A7VML/A76ML
    Amd Athlon II x3 3.2GHZ Stock Cooler
    4GB(2x2) DDR2 1066MHZ Hyper-X Memory
    512MB Asus Amd Radeon 4850

    Additional: 750GB Samsung 7200RPM HD, 250GB Seagate 7200RPM HD, OLD Cyberhome IDE-Dvd Burner

    To Overclock I Have Disabled Spread Spectrum (my motherboard manual said to do so when OC'ing). Then I Underclocked the Memory from 1066MHZ to 800Mhz.
    I pumped the reference clocked up to 220MHZ causing my cpu to go from 3.2GHZ to 3.52GHZ, HT Link 2000 to 2200, Memory 400 to 440 (880).

    When I tried to do 230 it was unstable, 225 loaded into windows to where I could open some things, but then would also be unstable.
    So far 220Mhz is the highest ref clock I've attempted that was stable.
    So far everything I've done has involved Stock Voltages. I haven't touched any voltage settings in the motherboard.

    I've seen a lot of places underclocking their ram to 667MHZ, is this a smarter idea? How much do you think I should OC this machine? I can run all games I throw at it at Max settings in 1920x1080, except for crysis which I get a "playable framerate" after OC'ing with all settings maxed except I have 2X AA and no AF. Prior to the OC crysis was still playable, but would stall for 5-6 seconds at a time in intense spots.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention after gaming I've never seen my cpu temperatures higher than 39 degrees C.
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    How much do you think I should OC this machine? = Well if you are only stable at 220 Referece Clock then that would be as far as you can go.
    You May Need Help = We Need Info to Help.
    MOBO > Model and Bios version.
    CPU & Cooler > Be Specific.
    MEMORY > Manufacturer & P/N & Size.
    POWER SUPPLY > Manufacturer & Wattage.
    VIDEO CARD > Make/Model/How Many.
    HDDs/Optical drives > How Many? SSD? Raid/No Raid?
    SOUND DEVICE > Onboard or Add-in?
    USB > Usb Devices Plugged to Mobo?
    O/S > Win? SP? Linux?
    Case > Brand/Model/Fans Installed?
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    Yes, I would set the ram speed to 666 instead of 800. Relatively few AM2+ systems would actually run stable with 1066 ram running at 1066 speeds, which is actually the XMP or "extended mode" speed. If you start it at 800 and then start increasing the fsb in your overclocking you take the ram with you back up into the "XMP" range. You want to make sure the ram is not becoming the source of instability.

    I also see your HT Link speed is all the way up to 2200+ if I am seeing that tiny picture correctly. You need to lower the HT Link multiplier to keep it around 1800. Stock for an AM2+ board is 1800 mhz. The HT Link frequency is very sensitive to any overclocking and just doesn't like it.

    Also, when you show us pics of CPU-z, please show these three tabs together: "CPU", "Memory" and "SPD". You haven't given us all the info we need with just the CPU tab. And please don't show us the image of your entire desktop. That makes the CPU-z images so small you can hardly read the info contained. Please crop the images first. In Windows 7 Accessories, the "Snipping Tool" is great for this. By the way, the CPU-z pics are very helpful but the AMDOverdrive one is not.
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    CPU: i5-7600k@4.8ghz
    Motherboard: ASRock Z270 Killer SLI/ac
    Cooler: Custom loop with Swiftech MCP50X pump, EK-Spremacy Evo block, Koolance 360x29mm 30 fins per in. radiator, 38x120mm 4000rpm Delta fans on Sunbeam Rheobus Extreme fan speed controller
    RAM: 2x8 gb Crucial 2400 Ballistic DDR4
    GPU: XFX Rx480 8gb/1080p Asus monitor
    Case: NZXT Source 530
    PSU: OCZ 750W
    Storage: Segate 480 gb SSD + 1x1tb spinner
    OS: Windows 10

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    Wait what? The stock speed of HT link is 2000 though? Would that mean even stock is unstable?

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