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    a working plan i take suggestions

    thank you snowbrdd for your help with the final build
    (final tab $1200 12/12)

    under load
    Intel i5@4513.18
    water cooling for the processor a Corsair H-100
    install video
    no maintenance no leaks no worries
    any questions just ask
    16gigs RAM
    EVGA GTX 480
    120gig SSD
    1Terrabyte hard drive for storage
    Corsair 1050 1000w power supply
    in a Corsair 650D case that is nearly silent when running

    idle 21c heavy gaming middle 50c (winter)
    idle 31c BF3 1920x1080 ULTRA 53c/59c (summer)
    overclocking by the numbers:
    Beginners: How to set your 25/6/700k to 4.5Ghs
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    What are you planning to do wi th this system? If its only gaming drop the cpu to a 2500k. also is your minds set on the h100? You can get things for about half yhe price that would cool it to the same degree.

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    thanks snowbrdd

    heavy gaming with an eye on BF3 and beyond

    i had posted about the OCZ ssd/spindle combo and took some good advise and picked a 160 SSD with a 5 year warranty and a 1T WB Black for storage also with a five year warranty

    im going to retain these parts and have included some parts in a nearly final build list

    i think you will approve
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    Ah, well intel is more for reliability then speed. I suggest a crucial m4 ssd. Keep the case if you like it but I would suggest a 2500k and a hyper 212+ or evo. They're just varying but a hyper 212+ would work just fine if your not too concerned about aesthetics. The 2500k doesn't run hot. Do you have a total budget? I can make a nice build. A hitachi deskstar would be nice and cheaper then wb black as it doesn't need a bunch of speed since its storage. Case is largely personal and also based on budget, but if I was to pick a favorite it would be a silverstone rv01 or a nzxt phantom. I've got the silverstone and its a beautiful case.

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