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    24Pins Technique

    hi guy's it's me again

    I have 600w Silverstone Strider w/c is full modular.

    I buy some sleeves in the market to sleeve my wires. I unpin the 24 pins to their connector and i have 24 wires in different colors. I read via google about the wire colors diagram and there is 24 pins.

    After sleeving all 24 wires and try to back it to their house(don't know what called that thing).

    My problem is how to pair it end by end?I have 2 houses of the pins it means i need to connect the 1 end of the wire and connect again the second end of the wire to the house.

    I know it is okay to rumble the wires as long as they in proper diagram color. My question is what is the best pairing technique to have a neat 24pins.?
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    The "houses" are typically called connectors or plugs.

    I think what you are asking is what is the cleanest way to rerun the wires from the 20pin connector to the 24pin connector.

    This is my $.02...

    24 pin----20 pin
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