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    P3nnywise, How do you like those Phobya fans? I got my TH10 case two weeks ago I am having it airbrushed right now, but I am having a hard time finding fans I like, that will last also. I love the red and black of the Phobya but am unsure how they sound, do you have all yours running at full speed, it looked like you had a molex controller on the backside on the bottom?

    Since you have put this thing together do they still sound good, bearing wise?

    Your build has given me many ideas for my build, I cannot wait to get my case back and start putting it together.


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    I do have a fan controller, but I leave all my fans on high all the time. I have 29 phobya fans in it, and not a single one has bearing wease or any other problem. These are some great fans. They are so quiet. I tell people how many I have in there and they can't believe how quiet they are. Congrats on the th10. CaseLabs make they best cases. You can realy see the quality in them. I wanted to get there sth10 as well, but I think I will wait till there next design. I am getting 2 of the EVGA gtx 680 classified hydros when they come out. I'm going to try to put togeather a tutorial on sewing the wires togeather when I sleeve my wires for my new cards.

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