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    Problem...realtek rtl8188cu wireless lan 802.11n

    Hi ,
    My Spec ... Running Windows 7 64 bit
    I connect to my wireless network through my laptop which has a wireless card installed and I get 15meg on a speedtest.

    I have just bought realtek rtl8188cu wireless lan 802.11n usb 2.0 network adapter to use on my Desktop running Windows 7 64 bit. I installed the drivers using the cd that came with the product.
    The problem I am getting is I can only reach 2 meg download speed using the realtek rtl8188cu wireless lan 802.11n usb 2.0 network adapter.

    Being the N serials I should be seeing the same speeds as my laptop.

    Any ideas of what I should be changing or is this product faulty?

    I downloaded the latest drivers but still the same problem.

    I have now found another problem if I put the realtek rtl8188cu wireless lan 802.11n usb 2.0 network adapter in my desktop and connect to my home wireless network and then do a speedtest on my laptop the speed has come down from 15meg to 2 meg this little device is doing something to my wireless network. 


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    Unless you have a dual band router, your wireless network will operate at the speed of the slowest device connected to it. If the device you are using is unable to connect at G or N rates, it could fall back to B, limiting the speed for everything to that.

    Part of this depends on how close you are to the access point and how good of a signal you are getting, but it could just be the adapter you got stinks - there are a few variables to work with, so you might try getting closer to the access point with the adapter and see if that helps speeds - you might also go into the device settings for the usb adapter under network settings and manually set it to use a specific setting like G or N, and see if its able to connect at all then. If it isn't, that tells you its having trouble connecting to your network and dragging everything down by falling back under the automatic settings.
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