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    LGA2011 sockets safe for large heatsinks?

    In reading this review of the i7 3960x/3930k I learned that

    As for the possibility to use non-Intel coolers in the new LGA 2011 systems, it is important to remember that the retention mechanism has changed again. Although the retention holes are laid out the same exact way as in LGA 1366 systems, they have now become part of the CPU socket. And it is a very important change, because these holes no longer go through the PCB and have threading inside them.

    Now that's a bit scary. Our current large heatsinks make a "motherboard sandwich," with the heatsink and its backplate squeezing the socket between them in a deathgrip that makes a unit out of motherboard, socket and heatsink, with the stress spread out by the backplate. I worry the with the heatsink attached only to the socket, the whole thing might be prone to being ripped off if the case is dropped. That is not something I worry about now.

    Anybody have any direct experience with the LGA2011 socket?
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    Yes, you just need to poke through the plastic they have to make the 'sandwhich'. Thats how I got my water cooling block and backplate to work with it.

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