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    galaxy gtx560ti restarts

    Vid card (8600gts) started artifacting when playing mw3 not crashing but game almost unplayable. Wanted excuse to get new one anyway so bought GTX560ti.
    (and new viewsonic 27" monitor while down in town).
    New card/monitor causing constant restarts in mw3, yet can run f@h gpu fine.
    have been hacking at this problem for days and am going nuts. Figured it is the psu, hooked up a second psu to the card and everything else but the mb, (20pin connector not 24 pin) to take the load and still restarts. temps are good, watch them in the game right up until the restart.
    Today I ran an o/c monitoring util from galaxy and the voltage drops from 1.012 to .9500 under game load, this seems like a bad psu, but the other psu did not help. Am going to try a big fan into the case to MAKE sure its not temp related, but am thinking will have to buy psu.

    1. Removing and switching out memory no help
    2. using old monitor with new card no help
    3. using old card new monitor, restarted at first then became stable.
    4. reseating cpu fan with new arctic silver
    5. removing and reinstalling drivers
    6. etc etc.

    SO my question is, would the core voltage drop under load mean it would restart and is it definatly the psu?
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    Asus A7N8X xp2400 Raid 0

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    do you get the same voltage drop with the F@H client running on the gpu?

    But yet, a voltage drop like that indicates you likely either need a new PSU, or possibly you aren't getting stable power from the wall socket it is plugged into.

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    Tollhouse - where have you been? I remember you from the Socket A days...
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    i've been around. And yes, I remember those socket A days putting a volcano 12+ on that Barton I had, hoping it wouldn't melt the HSF or the cpu... on the next voltage bump... LOL

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