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    Crossfire isn't working

    I'm having a major problem here.

    I bought my PC about 4-5 years back. Here are the specs:

    As you can see Speccy says crossfire is disabled. Catalyst control center disagrees.

    Looking closer at CCC I noticed in the hardware information section that the VRAM on the second card isn't displayed correctly/has suddenly grown by 4x. (Compare line 17 and 40)
    And the second card is desplayed as "hypermemory", whatever that is. When I got the cards they were advertised as DDR3 VRAM cards.

    Back when I got the computer they both had 256 MB of cause.

    So I did the obvious stuff, updated drivers (which I had major problems doing, but I managed to do it when only one card was in the computer), checked that both the bridges work (CCC complains when either one is missing). Checking that it's not a PCI slot problem by running both cards solo in each slot.

    Nothing works. I have not felt one day "ugh, feels like crossfire broke" though. I have only reinstalled windows twice, and the last time was ages ago. TF2 and just about every other game recommends single GPU settings.

    And my card is clearly not used since during load the primary one is the only one who goes up in temperature by any significant amount.

    Something that also confuses me is that GPUZ tells me that one of the cards is a 2GPU card. in the Crossfire box.
    Second card says crossfire is disabled.

    Preformance doesn't suffer one bit when I pull one of them out. So it's not that it's just saying that crossfire isn't working. It's not working.

    Anyone knows what to do? I'd like to use my second graphics card anytime soon. Not just have it heat my house.

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    Do both cards work individually without issue? Have you tried changing which card you're using as primary? With both cards in, and crossfire disabled, can you get video out of both cards?

    *Is it this board?

    Have you tried doing anything with this SLI/Xfire switch card?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sno.lcn View Post
    1.Do both cards work individually without issue?
    2.Have you tried changing which card you're using as primary?
    3.With both cards in, and crossfire disabled, can you get video out of both cards?

    4.*Is it this board?

    5.Have you tried doing anything with this SLI/Xfire switch card?
    1.Yes they work induvidually. In both PCI-E slots.
    2. Yes. I'm currently doing that, since I couldn't be botherd to switch it back once I tried them both after I swapped slots.
    3. Yes I think so, I did plug in a VGA cord to the second card because I couldn't see boot correctly and I needed to go into setup.
    4. Yes that's exactly my board, the place I got it (my computer, did pre-build as this is my first bought PC) from said it was based on that one. But it's identical as far as I can see.
    5. No, I just noticed it recently though. Didn't know what made a motherboard crossfire compatible before, I suppose that's it right?

    Thanks for responding, I'v been in 2 other forums and gotten no response even.

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    I had this same problem and arrived here as well as a couple other places troubleshooting. The funny thing is if you close Speccy and run GPU-Z it should show you are Crossfired. It's an issue with Speccy.

    I opened my Catalyst Control Center while Speccy was running "Enable Crossfire" is grayed out and in the lower dialogue box said that Crossfire was disabled and I must close the 3D rendering program before I could enable it again. When I close Speccy and open up the CCC I'm back in business.

    I just opened up GPU-Z and it shows that Crossfire is enabled with 2 GPUs running.

    On the Piriform forums someone has posted similar back in May 2011. The OPs suggestion is that Speccy doesn't like 2 GPUs having the same Device ID.

    Turn off Speccy and check your CCC and also can always double check by running GPU-Z, will give you a lot of info. on your graphics card setup.

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