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    Guidance...upgrade to H67, i5 or i3 - gpu choice

    So guys i need some answers.

    I am going to upgrade to H67, i5 or i3.

    I have no plans to change my awesome PSU. CX 430.

    Now its the GPU thing that is killing me. I wanted to upgrade to at least GTX 560 from my GTS 450 SC... but i cant as my 430 doesn't have that much PCIe connecters.

    So now i am going to upgrade to the least that can be, 550Ti. Remember i use 1600x900, so 550Ti is good enough. Even my 450 SC is good but...

    I know most of you will say, use the 4pin molex to PCIe converter, but i dont want to use it... or should i?.

    What should i do?. and is there any GPU that can be powered with 8pin only?.

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    Updated your title to be a bit more specific, a good title lets people know what you are looking to discuss, and gets more people reading. "guidance" was a bit on the vague side.
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    550TI is pretty nice its on par with the 460-se cards. Its really not that bad using molex to pcie adapters. Actually you can pretty much make your own that are even better than the regular ones very easily. Anyway the 550 would probably do you nicely, though you could def go a bit higher on the 430w with only a 95w cpu.

    Side note, are you sure you want H67? it does not allow overclocking. I mean even if you go with the I3 you can still OC it some on P67/Z68 boards.
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    So your looking for an AMD FX motherboard, things you need to know. Whats the max safe temps/volts for an FX?

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    Yeah dude. I am sure. Actually i was thinking of H61. Overclocking+UPS=Rage!. Certain H67 features are tasty, so yes. P67 isn't cheap. Nearest P67 is nearly 100$ more and the nearest Z68 is 80$ more. Funny?... Yes.

    Prices of HDD's in UK and USA: Nearly 100% more.

    Prices of HDD's here: Nearly 20% more.

    Even that much increase has shattered my budget. So i have to, at this moment, settle on either the G series or i3-2100. Then later in a month or so get the i5.

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