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    Need Help with Audio/Mic Connections

    Hello, I have an Asus P8P67 EVO Motherboard and I am trying to connect the front panel Audio/Mic ports of my case. My case is an Antec Super LANBOY. The case has 7 individual connectors coming from the front panel for the Audio and Mic. But my motherboard shows i need at least 9 connections?

    I don't know if this can even work anymore or which pins would go where since they are labeled differently. If you can help me figure this out it would be much appreciated!


    Case Manual for Audio/Mic:

    1. Locate the internal audio connectors on your motherboard or sound card.
    2. Consult your motherboard or sound card manual for the pin-out positions.
    3. Connect the MIC connector to the microphone power pin.
    4. Connect the MIC-BIAS connector to the microphone input pin.
    5. Connect the AUD GND connector to the ground pin.
    6. Connect the FPOUT-R connector to the Front Right Speaker Out Pin.
    7. Connect the FPOUT-L connector to the Front Left Speaker Out Pin.
    8. Connect the RET-R connector to the Rear Right Speaker Out Pin.
    9. Connect the RET-L connector to the Rear Left Speaker Out Pin.
    Note: If your motherboard doesn't support rear speaker output, you don't need to connect the RET-R or RET-L connectors.

    Motherboard Manual:

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    The connections from the front panel on the case look like this:

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    Looks to me your case has the AC'97 connection.
    I think you would follow the instructions to connect AC'97 in your manual.

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