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    Unhappy ATI Radeon user PLEASE help!!!!!!!

    Hi there. Here is my problem, I tried to reflash my DELL 32MB DDR AGP radeon OEM video Card bios to RETAIL version of bios. However, after the reflash . The card won't post anymore.

    And I did not saved my old bios. Could some one nice out there can get me the file?

    I am looking for the bios for P/N 113-70602-103.

    If you don't know how to get your bios to save but want to help me please drop me a line or email.

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    It looks to me as if you will have to buy another card.

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    welcome to the fourms.
    sorry for your loss. i don't think you will find the right bios for it. you could RMA it to ati and see what they do

    good luck
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    RWHY......I have looked around with no results as of yet, i sent out a few e-mails to some friends who might have what your looking for, i'll keep you posted....

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    Your best bet would be finding a ATI specialized forums like

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    I reccomend contacting dell maybe. I think they'd be your best bet. I think they manufactur that card.

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    dell probably won't do to much to help, although it is one option...

    BTW..heh heh..XL..i see you quickly edited what you originally posted....heh are probably right, but its better that you changed it, no more "mudslinging" needed here, as we have seen enough right?...

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    Well, i have come across a ton of links for updating the bios on the ati cards, but unfortunately, the OEM bios you are looking for hasn't been in anything I have DL'ed, you might want to go to a specific ATI support site..(like etc etc...) and post a thread in one of their forums, somone has got to have it, just a matter of time......i'll still be on the lookout for it, seeing i never found it so difficult to find something like this..(heh i have to find it...heh heh) and i'm still awaiting a reply to the e-mails i sent out..

    I'll keep you posted...

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    Anybody found out the solution for me yet??? :-(

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    No luck yet, sorry, can't find that bios P/N anywhere.

    There's 2 people left that I have yet to hear back from, if I hear anything, i'll post back...

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