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    1-4 pixel white line on sides of screen - Win7 SP1 HTPC - Samsung PN51D8000

    When I play DVDs within Windows Media Center, I sometimes get a single pixel white line on the left side of the screen when running in screen fit mode. I can adjust the screen via TV controls to slide one pixel left and it's gone but it comes back when I restart WMC. Doesn't seem like this should be occurring when running default settings and I don't want to sacrifice PQ by stretching to 16:9.

    When I play full screen media files in WMC, I get white 4 pixel wide vertical borders on the side.

    If I play the same file using Windows Media Player, get black 4 pixel wide vertical borders on the side.

    This is the same for the handful of widscreen content files I played.

    Running fully updated Win7 32-bit SP 1 and a GeForce GT 240 running the latest drivers from nvidia's site on a Samsung PN51D8000 via HDMI at 1920x1080.

    I have a trial version of Cyberlink PowerDVD installed for viewing DVDs.

    I installed DIVX to support mvk viewing.

    If I watch DVDs or BluRay using the Cyberlink PowerDVD app outside of Windows Media Center, it displays fine(no 1 pixel borders).

    Anyone else run into this issue?

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    Have you thought about going the XBMC way?
    I think I had one or two good links about XBMC bookmarked.
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