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    Quote Originally Posted by Team kizb View Post
    Maybe there booth will have some Kepler news!
    Talked to their lead marketing guy for desktop GPUs at the booth, and his only comment in regards to Kepler was 1st Half 2012, other than that they are focused on Tegra3 and the other things they have ready right now.
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    All the silence regarding Kepler tells me that they must not have it as figured out as they'd like... And that it's not as ready as it should be.
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    I saw a post on facebook by Francois Pidenoel (Intel engineer) saying he showed the SA writer that it works fine. The press event was a massive fail but apparently it does work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team kizb View Post
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    I believe Gigabyte is supposed to have a G1.Sniper M3, mATX gaming board on display. If so, snap a pic or two
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