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Thread: Java IDE ?

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    Java IDE ?

    ok obvious choices here .. netbeans or eclipse ?

    anybody know if schools push for one over the other ?

    are they pretty much same thing ?

    beginner trying to learn java

    eventually id like to get into android if that may sway the choice
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    My favorite is IDEA. It has "built-in" (plugins that are enabled by default; you can always disable them if you don't use them) support for Git (and GitHub), Maven, and Android.

    I used to like NetBeans, but now that it is fully owned by Oracle, I'm staying away. Who knows what crap they'll try to hide in the EULA to do something like give perpetual license to all your code to them...
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    this is my fave aside from the cmd+notepad
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    I'll second Idea, once you learn how to do stuff there is no looking back. We still have two programmers at work using Eclipse, but everyone else has moved over to Idea and seems nobody is really missing Eclipse.

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    jGrasp is another option for a Java IDE.

    I've used Netbeans, Eclipse, and jGrasp.

    jGrasp is rather basic all around so it's good for beginners.

    I would consider Netbeans and Eclipse good for upgrading to.

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    IDEA! I like it a lot. The free version doesn't have perforce integration, which we use at work, but I've been fine with just adding script commands to the shell to checkout, delete, revert, etc.

    I used to be a big Eclipse fan, and it does a lot of things well, but performance is an absolute joke. I wrestled with it for what must have accumulated to days, and it simply can't reliably handle large projects. I even gave it 4GB of RAM, tried all kinds of tuning parameters, read everything I could find, reinstalled, wiped out workspaces...didn't matter. It can't handle a large project and it's SLOW. So I switched to IDEA, which doesn't hurt my productivity nearly as much as Eclipse did.
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    I like the netbeans UI the best, but everyone and their grandmother seems to use Eclipse. You should always use the tools that make you the most productive, but it doesn't hurt when you also know what everyone else has.
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    The programers at the company that I work for use Eclipse.

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    I have used jGrasp and Eclispse. jGrasp is pretty basic but it is what my teacher recommended in class. It's simple but works well. Though from looking at this thread I think I'm going to try Idea out.
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    With Idea take your time to understand all the built in tools for refactoring / code generation etc. Once you get your head around it you can really save a lot of time (I have a lot of colleagues who are better in that, and also in remembering obscure keyboard shortcuts, but every time I watch them code something it's quite amazing to see how quickly they can do it).

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