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    Biostar "Automatic OCing..?" T5XE CFX-SLI

    Hey fellas and and lady fellas,

    I just whipped out my mobo manual and read up on the overclocking features.

    I have a biostar T5XE CFX-SLI motherboard, and more screenshots of other specs can be found below.

    Apparently, there is an automatic overclocking feature built into the motherboard. Now, being a new overclocker, this looks like a tempting option. By doing so, I can select whatever engine I desire, press okay, then go back to doing what I was doing with my computer. Or, I could do it the manual way and steadily alter frequencies until I've got my cup of tea. Now, I always believed that "if its too good to be true, it probably is too good." I want to make sure that this automatic overclocking option doesn't screw anything up. However, if I can just cut to the chase and save some bandwidth and thread space for our site by utilizing this automatic function, I would definitely do so...if automatic OCing is safe and reliable...

    Being new to overclocking, I've researched what to do, and to be honest, it's fairly intimidating as is anything with a lot of information. I've looked around the web for the reliability of these automatic overclocking engines, but I still haven't found anything. I'll post some screen shots of what I'm talking about, along with some cpu-z screens of my computer specs.

    If you can't answer my question regarding my specific motherboard, would you happen to know if ANY automatic overclocking BIOS setup is reliable, and if not, why would it not be?

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    I would never use it. but I enjoy overclocking the manual way. it has its pros and cons.

    -usually lower than what your max overclock could be.
    -usually uses higher volts than needed for its sub par overclock

    -quick and easy
    - it can be handy to find a quick starting point then you can manually increase your settings to achieve max OC.

    I don't know how good this auto overclock is, but I have to admit that over the past year alone they have made decent advances. but overclocking has gotten easier.
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