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Thread: avi Codecs

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    avi Codecs

    I downloaded a 2 part video from a friend. The first part works fine (had to install Divx for it to work) but the second part says "cannot play back the file. The format is not supported". I know that I downloaded the full thing. I got another video that was quite large from my friend as well but there is the same problem. Do any of you know sites for codecs or have suggestions for me? Thanks for the help!!!

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    make sure this thread does not go in the wrong direction. there is a good possibility that the video you speak of is an illegal copy of a movie or something of that sort. i'm not accusing you of anything, but be aware that if you ever talk about things of this sort the forums can get in serious trouble. so no hard feelings, just read the forum guide at the top of this general discussion topic so you can be sure what is and isn't allowed to be talked about

    as your codecs go, as long as you are using them for legal purposes, try running a search on google and you should find plenty of answers.


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    It's a counter-strike video

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    How come whenever I have a 50/50 chance I'm wrong 80% of the time?

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