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    5870- why so expensive

    If you buy a video card with the intent of crossfireing it in the future don't bother they will just discontinue your video card. lol Well I was thinking about xfireing my 5870 but they don't make them any more. and when i go on ebay they are like $300+ for the 2gb and around $200 for the 1gb. Why are they being sold so high? I can practically sell my sapphire 5870 2gb for more then i paid for it when it was in production.
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    For this particular card, the pricing is so high partially because of Bitcoin mining. That card was/is a hot commodity..

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    Like the other guy said, bitcoin mining threw off the pricing. In the current iterations of video cards, the 5870 is actually very comparable to the 6XXX series cards and with the 7XXX cards being a lot more expensive, the prices aren't dropping much. Then add in the bitcoin mining and you end up selling cards for the same price you paid for them.
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    What's 'Bitcoin mining'?
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    Simple idea is using your GPU to make some money. If you have cheap electricity and some cheap simple systems you can make money just by having these systems running 24/7. However, you want them to have the lowest power consumption and it relies on your GPU, so having an OC'd i7 2600k + lots of hard drives, etc will just end up wasting profits in the cost of energy.

    I don't do it cause I live in california (expensive electricity), but the possibility to make money for setting up some computers and let them run is real. If only I lived somewhere where there was cheap electricity, I'd setup my living room with 3-4 computers running 24/7.
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    Can someone elaborate on bitcoin mining, how do u make money by running your comp 24/7 ? Just curious...

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    One uses their graphics cards to complete calculations. The calculations are uploaded to the peer to peer network (the whole point of BTC is to create a currency that is free of a central middleman). The calculations are used by the network to "mine" a block. Each block is worth 50BTC, so depending upon how much work your graphics card completes, you receive a proportional cut of the 50BTC.
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