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    I can add 6750 and 6780, we don't have a 6850 review...

    Prices at release:

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    Cheapest current prices:

    Name:  cheapest_current.jpg
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    Personally, if I were to decide on one of these cards, then I would probably use both the relative performance chart and the performance/$ chart together.
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    Great chart. I hope you continue to post charts like this with future cards as they come out. Both AMD and Nvidia.

    Also I like charts showing watt/performance with both idle and load.

    Thanks for posting this. Definitely not a chart seen on other sites often.
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    Thanks Matt, that is an excellent chart there!

    I wish we had a 6850 review, but those numbers will do in a pinch
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    Neat card. Much better efficiency than my old 285GTX, but the performance isn't any better. :/

    Maybe the 7770 will be an economical step up.
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