View Poll Results: Where do you keep your primary computer in your work space?

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  • On top of the desk.

    201 47.07%
  • Below the desk.

    226 52.93%
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    I don't have a case, except for my HTPC, which is in my entertainment console.
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    Wish mine was on top so I can see my beautiful watercooling but my dad swears I will get cancer from the UV lights...

    Dont ask.
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    ON top of the desk, my cpu is afraid of the dust bunnies.............
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    On top of the desk, but only temporarily.

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    mines on the desk, i have 3 cats...I'd have to clean it out twice a week if it was on the floor
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    Bottom right. And weekly inside case/rad cleaning...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattNo5ss View Post
    I think the general idea of the poll is to see whether people have their PCs above or below a certain height, like "waist level".
    Exactly, although "equal height with the monitor" might be a better description.
    Quote Originally Posted by I.M.O.G. View Post
    I don't have a case, except for my HTPC, which is in my entertainment console.
    Well then you don't get a vote, do you?! SECURITY!!!!!!
    Thank you Baby. I love you.

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    My last one was under my desk. My new one is on top of my desk. The old one never moved. I just loaded a copy of ESXi on it so it could continue to keep my feet warm
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    Under the desk, I would prefer it to be on top but its just wayy to big.
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    Is this a trick question ? Is there a bonus question ? What kind of grading curve ? Will my answer impact my credit score ?
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    Underneath, I don't like the way I have to position it when I put it up top.

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    Mine is on top of my entertainment center, below my television.
    My "desk" is buried under a mass of various project flotsam.

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    I also forgot to mention, my PS2 is on my desk and holy **** it's loud. Like, my PS2 at idle is as loud as my 4890 is at 75% fan speed. And that's loud.
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    Under the desk right now but I'm building a new desk in what has become a spare bedroom that is 10' and goes along an entire wall. Once that is finished it'll be on top.
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    Mine is on the floor...fairly far from where I sit (using a DVI-D extension). It's a quiet build, but even quieter when it is not right next to me.

    We don't have pets and the house is pretty dust-free given that my wife has dust I'd rather not have the desk space taken up or have the fans at ear level. Even with minimal dust, it probably does take in more at the floor level than on a desk, but I am fairly good about blowing things out regularly...and it's worth it not to hear it.

    We also have hardwood floors, so that helps the PSU breath. If we had carpet, I'd need to set it on something I suppose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert17 View Post
    ... Will my answer impact my credit score ?
    These days? Highly likely. heh

    Mine's under my desk to the right, sitting atop an old AST desktop case to lift it a few inches off the floor. Unfortunately, I think my ViewSonic p220f (approx. 70-75lbs) is about all my desk can handle.
    ...Wasn't me

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    My HAF 922 is under my desk, however, I did buy a plastic "Roller thingy" from amazon that it sits on. Easy to pull in and out, plus it gets it off the carpet to ensure airflow to the PSU and bottom vent.

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    No option for both so I voted on top.

    EDIT: interesting that the thread is largely on top, but more votes are for below.

    I think we can take this into a cultural/sociological effect. those with systems on top of their desk are more techy and need to explain why things are than those that hide their systems.

    EDIT EDIT: or have pets and dont like pet hair in their computers
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    Ideally, I wish my case was on top of my desk, behind the monitor, turned sideways. All the 5.25" and 3.5" bay openings would be on what used to be the left side. An 8" wide door would open to expose all the HDD's and optical drives. A window would show off the hardware. Slide the monitor over a foot to work on your hardware.

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    Mine is on the floor until I get a bigger desk or build a shelf or something for it.

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