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    All in One vs Custom

    I was wondering should I go all in one, or a custom loop? I could easily build a loop and such... but that is more expensive and more work. The all in ones are cheaper and never have to be cleaned. Which leads me to a sub question... Why do they never have to be cleaned? Doesnt the metal inside oxidize? and algae grow?
    Ps, I am running a Q6600 currently but will probably upgrade to IB. And I have a 600t case, so space isnt an issue.

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    The difference is performance. Anything that doesn't come presealed is immediately going to blow any of the LCLC units out of the water (within reason that is...)
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    You could build a custom loop and run it with norprene tubing (just like sealed ones which dramatically decreases evaporation), and use corrosion inhibitors + biocide just as they do, and never clean it just as they dont. Or even with normal tubing and 150ml reservoir, it would take 5+ years before needing to add anything.

    And both your custom loop or the sealed all in one units will slowly get oxidized blocks, but the effect on the performance is less than 1C over couple years. But eventually some air will accumulate in rad, especially in factory sealed without reservoir but again performance wont take that much of a hit.

    It isnt that the factory sealed ones are going to last longer without cleaning if you build yours the same way, it is just the factory sealed ones accept the eventual small loss in performance and the internal build up of crud vs people that build theirs will simply clean it because they have higher standards and they can, especially when upgrading their equipment and the loop is broken down anyways.

    Water vapor transmission rates

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    norprene 60 tubing = 1.1 g*mil/100sq in/24hrs standard testing

    So norprene is 6x less permeable to water vapor (6x less evaporation) than tygon plasticizer free beverage tubing 44-3 and 12x less permeable than tygon 3603. Also 1/8 inch wall tubing would half evaporation of 1/16 inch wall.
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    Well, it seems that I have gotten my answer. I am very particular about my computer and I am constantly doing stuff to it. So for me it looks like it will be a custom loop. They look cooler anyways lol.
    Thanks for both your inputs!

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    Aside from the H100, most LCLC systems barely outperform high end air coolers, if at all. And when it comes to custom WCing loops, they aren't even in the same league.
    When it comes to the bling factor, they aren't even on the same planet

    That said, they are immensely easier to install and upkeep (essentially no upkeep), and considerably cheaper. I don't consider LCLC systems to be "water coolers" other then the fact that they are filled with some percentage of water. They just don't have the performance or flexibility of a custom water cooling loop. But I realize that for many they are a nice foray into the "exotic", and its nice to be able to tell people your computer is water cooled, even if that phrase looses most of its significance when it refers to LCLC systems.

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    The 600t is a nice case, you should be able to fit a small custom loop in it. It should hold a H100 pretty well. but that's not custom.
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