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    sound card sounds a semitone to high

    I noticed this when using a music-editing-program. I found that every note was replayed a semitone to high, "C" sounds C-sharp, "D" sounds D-sharp etc.

    I also compared my two computers playing a tune on Youtube simultaniously.
    the faulty computer played the melody at a higher pith than the other computer.
    The sound card is a Realtech Audio HD. The .computer is a ASUS, Windows XP

    This problem has emerged recently. Apparently some change has been made to the soundcard, I am unaware of how and when.

    I'm most greatful för any suggestions how to solve this.

    Best regards
    Hartmut Blau

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    Try updating and/or reinstalling your drivers.

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    Definitely driver related.
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    Faulty drivers.
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    Make sure "A" is set to 220Hz if you have any such option. And reinstall drivers.
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    What`s the program? Is this the case for any other application? If it`s not, I`d point to the app, not the drivers.

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