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    Adding Vcore Option on M2NPV-MX

    Hi. First of all i'm compeletly new to this bios modding issues and I know utterly nothing about them. Anyway

    I have a asus m2npv-mx mobo and it doesn't have a vcore option to increase cpu voltage so its holding me back to make any overclock to cpu.
    Could someone help me with creating a bios vcore mod included?
    -Manufacturer: ASUS
    -Motherboard Model: M2NPV-MX
    -Bios revision: 1305
    -Bios Type: Phoenix Award BIOS
    -Bios Download Link: h t t p :/ /

    Thank you in advance!

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    AFAIK, we cant mod a bios to add a feature it doesnt have. Thats a very old and inexpensive board... sounds like you need to upgrade if you want those options.

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    You'll either need to buy a new board or take a soldering iron to that one.
    If your comfortable soldering on small SMD legs (look right next to the CPU power connector, there's a rectangular chip with 30odd pins on the sides, that's what you'd be soldering to or to one of the tiny bits next to it) I can walk you through the voltmod process.

    You'll still be somewhat limited by the CPU power section's abilities to generate high amprage/voltage as well as their cooling, but you'll have vcore adjustment.

    That said, you should be able to find a socket AM2+ mobo with decent OCing options for $30-$60 used.
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