Update: switching the RAM and GPU seems to solve most problems, but I'm not sure what to do since I don't want to cough up another $80 to replace RAM I just bought.

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yea My first build was horrid, I had cpu over heating issues, Mem issues, I killed a board with a static charge
Yeah, what's so frustrating is that I meticulously read up on all these kind of problems to be sure and avoid, but still got screwed.

I did not have a grounded outlet in my house, so static damage is possible, but I took most of my clothes off, worked on a hard wood floor, touched metal, handled the mobo as little as possible, was generally careful to avoid it.

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I've got the "bad_pool_header" blue screen of death a couple times in the past. I was using a corsair 4gb ram kit 2 x 2gb... I swapped out the ram for some other ones I had and the problem went away. Try 1 ram stick at a time or a different set of ram and see if that stops the blue screens.
Yes, I have the exact same kind of RAM, and switching it out seemed to help. But what do I do about this? The RAM i bought was new, I don't want to pay to replace it...if I RMA will they just send me back another set that doesn't work? Is it that kind of RAM, or a defect with this particular one that's causing the problem (btw, I made sure it was compatible...it was specifically made for the p67 chipset)