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    I need a reliable Wall-Mount

    Hey guys....I am in the middle of spicing up my command center in the attic (lol)

    *FYI: I am working on a simple google sketch*

    I plan on getting a 40inch/46inch TV. I need a wallmount that is fairly cheap/reliable. I know I>reliable dont belong in same sentence.

    I am a little lost on mounts these days.Brands whats good what isnt. 4 Years ago I paid $130.00 for a wallmount at Bestbuy are they still that pricy?

    I want a wall-mount that I can move back and forth.I think thats called Articulating? Anyways thanks for help!

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    Check out

    The one I bought I bought they don't carry anymore, but they offer other ones that have the same features. Dual arm, tilt, articulating (Max 175Lbs, 32~60inch).... After shipping mine was $92.63 back in in December 2009. Still holding up great, no issues.

    I believe this one is the new mode# for the one I have, $60.45 + shipping
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    Check eBay. I picked up a $15 wall mounted articulating LCD mount for 75 and 100mm VESA up to 22 pounds (10Kg) Similar thing went for almost $100 at Best Scam-- er I mean Best Buy store.

    If in doubt about the quality, you can mount them on the wall, hang a few flour sacks from the new mount and if it holds for hours it's probably fine. If it tips easily or comes apart, you got PayPal on your side vs seller of inferior junk.
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    I've bought multiple wall mounts from Monoprice and theirs are every bit as good or better than the crap you pay $80-130 for at WalMart or BestBuy or wherever.

    Monoprice FTMFW.

    Seriously... I think I've put up a half-dozens LCDs and plasmas with Monoprice mounts, and I could hang my 200+lb body off of any one of them if they're mounted into wall studs. Don't even think twice about it.... buy it.
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    unless your lucky enough to catch a wall mount at TJ Maxx or Ross (they do show up sometimes) buy them online. all the big box stores have them for way too much
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    If you happen to still be looking or anyone else who might be looking, check out I've bought all my mounts from them. A few years ago, I bought an articulating mount VESA 200 X 200 sized for about $45, and its been moved about 4 times, and is still works great.

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