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    GoPro HD 1 Question

    Hi All,

    I've come here as I know there are some keen tech enthusiasts, and google doesn't seem to like my search strings. Before I start, please excuse any assumptions I make incorrectly!

    I'm deliberating between a GoPro HD 1 and a GoPro HD 2 and it got me thinking about the differences in performance. For those that aren't aware, the main feature a GoPro 2 has is that it can record (at lower res) at 120fps, which makes for some killer slow mo video editing! It also has a higher MP sensor.

    So what's the question? I'd like to know if its possible to either:

    a) use the GoPro 2 firmware on the GoPro 1 ('cos its way cheaper). Logic would dictate that the makers of the GoPro camera's would disable this to keep their pristine product.

    b) Overclock the sensor to record at 120fps instead of 60? I can't think of any reason you couldn't up the frequency of sensor reads (other than heat dissapation) but as this will be mostly for skiing I can't imagine that being an issue?

    Please tell me if I'm breaking some basic physics rules or whatever, but I couldn't find any instances of people trying this already (with google) or even discussing it! You'd think that someone would have taken their GoPro apart?


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    There's always a way, just gotta have the will. Honestly for the hassles you'd be going through, just spend the money and get the Hero 2. I mean you're only talking $100 more for a newer upgraded system. Also, every time you double your speed it's going to degrade the video quality by a factor of 2 as the system will not be fast enough to do that. Overclocking is an option, but again, is it really worth it?

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