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    Astropulse V6 error message

    Quote Originally Posted by SETI Website
    Astropulse v6 has been released for linux and windows.
    We've released the Astropulse version 6 application to the SETI@home project. The only real difference is a couple of minus signs in the code that were added to match changes to the way the data recorder works.

    It'll take a while for the credit granted by this application to settle out to a reasonably constant value. If you run optimized applications, I'd suggest you wait a couple of weeks before starting to do Astropulse v6 work just to avoid the possibility that you will be granted an extremely low credit for your work. 13 Mar 2012
    I noticed red error messages in my SETI Event Log. But based on the above I will ignore them for a few weeks.
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    Lunatics is working on a new optimizer to utilize the AP V6, but it might be a little longer.
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    I just came to post asking about my first AP job yesterday and had an error
    "Your app_info.xml file doesn't have a usable version of AstroPulse v6."

    and it is running 3 instances of AP on my CPU which looks like it is going to take like 20 hours to complete. its my understanding I should be trying to run those on GPU correct?

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