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    Wire Tricking a Cel II?

    I recently bought a ST6 and am using a Cel II 566 (1.5v cB0) on it.

    Previously with a BH6 I was getting 952 at 2.05 volts, and was pretty sure I could do 124FSB with 1/4 divider, which I why I bought the ST6, only to find the stupid voltage restriction.

    I've studied up about the wire trick and tried setting the default voltage to 1.9 by connecting VID3 to VSS.

    But when I turned the machine on, the alarm would just beep.

    Thankfully after removing the wire, the CPU still works.

    What am I doing wrong? Could the wire I'm using be wrong? If so, what sort of wire should I be looking at.

    Tho I'm pretty sure the wire is okay, as when I push the CPU in the socket, it is meeting resistance so I have to push it a little harder. Shouldn't this mean that the pins are touching the wire thus the gate would be closed?


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    read this sticky fot the different methods and wire used for vid pinning...this is for a different cpu but the method for wrapping works on all chips...and welcome to the forums

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    Looks like you're right about connecting VID3 with VSS to change your cB0 C-566 1.5v default to fool the mobo into thinking it's a 1.9v default CPU. Two things to double check: 1) make sure you connected the proper pins and 2) make sure the CPU is seated completely and firmly into the socket. You might try a thinner wire. All you need is one single strand from a speaker wire or some other small gauge braided wire.

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