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    small form factor

    I plan on building a ivy bridge small form factor. I am looking at using the sg08 for the case, I also plan on using the asus p8z77-i deluxe. Thinking about a 7970 or 7970 for the vid card, will be a msi twin frozr more then likely. I am not sure on the ivy bridge chip yet. I want to hit 5.0 on this machine. I figure the only real chance is to go with one of the all in one liquid sets, like the corsair h80 or something similar. anyone have any thoughts on these units? what would work best? i would like to keep it fairly quiet, computers aren't supposed to be totally silent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would appreciate any input you guys would have.
    underachiever/black firday rocks
    gpu:msi twin frozr 6950/msi 6670
    psu:corsair ax850/antec neopower 550
    hsf:stock atm/stock atm
    monitor:asus ml248/samsung 40 led
    case:corsair 800d/coolermaster 690 2 advanced
    mobo:asus maximus 4 extreme-z/asus p8z68-v lx


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    I did mine all external, so I could have a 3x120 rad with 3 fans.
    Using a res/rad made it even easier, with just the two waterblock tubes.
    Not silent, but very quiet, and way more rad than needed for this 65W CPU. You'd probably appreciate a triple for hitting 5G, but it isn't necessary.

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