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    should I OC my memory?

    rig is as follows

    biostar tz68k+
    i5 2500k currently at 4.5ghz +.100v vcore (will be stress testing this when I go to class today) cooled by a CM hyper 212
    gtx 560 ti
    antec 750w psu
    and 4x4gb 1600 ripjaws 9-9-9-24

    among other things, I use this pc for 3d modeling and sculpting, which does benefit from this much memory and I realize it doesn't do much for games. My question is, should I bother OC'ing the memory? Would 1600mhz bottleneck my system assuming I'll be overclocking the video card, and possibly pushing the i5 to 4.8 or 5.0? Does the fact that I'm running 16 gigs make any difference here? Sorry if I sound misinformed, I really don't know much about memory hence this post.

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    Just leave the FSB : DRAM ratio at 1:6 = DDR3-1600 at the default 100 BCLK. Because the rated timings at that frequency are already loose at 9-9-9, by increasing the DRAM frequency past the rated speed (DRAM multiplier set to 18.67; 1:7 FSB : DRAM ratio; 130MHz over the default), the timings will need to be loosened even more negating the increase in frequency.

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