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Thread: dvi issue

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    dvi issue


    I am facing a huge problem that is driving me crazy regarding the connection between my computer and my screen (the whole setup is actually much more complicated than that but I've tried to sum up my problem in an understandable way).

    I have a 7600gs nvidia fanless gpu, made by realtek (classic and passive version): It is said to support both vga and DL-DVI (but whether DL-DVI-A, DL-DVI-I or DL-DVI-D, that is not said) :

    I would like this gpu to connect to my screen, which is a samsung syncmaster sa350, and supports hdmi and vga:

    So far, the solution would be easy: just connect the gpu to the screen using the 2 vga ports and a vga cable. This was my previous setup. But I added an extra device between the 2, that requires me to use a dvi cable at some point. To put it simply, forget about the device, and just take it as a constraint that the connection you're proposing must include a dvi cable.

    If I'm not mistaken, there are four (simple, otherwise there is an infinity of solutions of course) possibilities to achieve this connection (the ports chosen are in parenthesis) :
    1. gpu (dvi) - (dvi) cable (dvi) - (dvi) adapter (vga) - (vga) screen
    2. gpu (dvi) - (dvi) cable (dvi) - (dvi) adapter (hdmi) - (hdmi) screen
    3. gpu (vga) - (vga) adapter (dvi) - (dvi) cable (dvi) - (dvi) adapter (vga) - (vga) screen
    4. gpu (vga) - (vga) adapter (dvi) - (dvi) cable (dvi) - (dvi) adapter (hdmi) - (hdmi) screen

    I feel like I've tried all of these, yet none worked, and I don't understand why.
    Can you please help ?


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    I don't think your "simplifying" of the situation is helping. Why do you need this box and what does it do, exactly? Do you get a signal when you directly connect a monitor over DVI? Are you getting errors? Are you able to activate the screen in Windows?
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