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    Gaming in Windowed Mode

    How many play games in windowed mode. I have just tried it out for Arma 2 and it seems o.k, I don’t usually play in windowed mode, but it got me to wondering how many do or how many have tried it out...
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    I always try to play in windowed mode if it's possible. I like the option of being able to multi-task whether it's chatting with friends or looking up specific things.
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    I do for any non-fps
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    FPS - No way
    Shogun 2 - A must. My dad takes 10-15 minutes to take his turns!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveLord View Post
    FPS - No way
    Shogun 2 - A must. My dad takes 10-15 minutes to take his turns!

    I Do windowed on games like Diablo and other RPG's because I'm usually watching something on netflix. though on the occasion I have played in a windowed mode in BF3 so that I could talk to a few friends on steam but that was never permanent
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    I actually plah WoW in windowed mode, especially when I'm questing and need to check wowhead out.

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    It all depends on the game for me. I play WOW in windows but BF3 is not.
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    windowed so I can play on the secondary monitor. MyTV
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    Depends on my mood, most things is full screen. Though since some how how ever I got it setup I can run video and game full screen on both my monitors it really doesn't affect me too much.

    Window mode is nice if it allows it and still gives me the performance. FPS's though always full screen no question.
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    Never tried to do it, the buttons and bars around the window bug me too much.
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    Full screen on one monitor, chat/movie/whatever on the other. It's easy enough alt-tabbing around that I don't have a reason to play in windowed.
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    ^ this is what I do, never cared much for windowed mode.
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    Full Screen on everything unless it's something I'll leave idle for a while like an MMO. For most games, it's not problem to just Alt+Tab out of any situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by merz.38 View Post
    Never tried to do it, the buttons and bars around the window bug me too much.
    More games need borderless windowed mode. It's the best of both worlds.
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    I don't know about every game but on TF2 you can remove the border by just modifying the game startup in steam and adding "-noborder"

    Moving the game up a few pixels works well, too.

    I run every game in windowed mode. It's a lot easier. I do it with dual monitors, too. Some games don't like being tabbed out, and tabbing back in has always been a little slower than I'd like.

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    I like to play general games in windowed mode like Oblivion, Skyrim and pretty much any slower paced games but if its online game or a faster paced game I play fullscreen.

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    Only game I play in windowed mode is Everquest, and that's cause i'm 3 boxing. BF3, LOL, and any other game are FS with something up on the second monitor.
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