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    Question Is this Stable enough?

    Im a Newbie at this and I dont know If this would be stable enough the picture below says it all, specs are P7P55 LX Motherboard and a Intel i5 650 CPU, running off of 8GB ram on 800Mhz right now with a 8800GTS, graphics card may be very low but im on a deep budget right now and i got a discount from my friend for the cpu and motherboard. I overclocked it 4.0Ghz - 20x200 - QPI = 3600 - V1.312 (I put v1.33 but it seems to go back to 1.31) Prob Wont See the Picture correctly but im running on 8+ hours on Prim95 so far and still running at this moment and my CPU temp is 56c, Core Temps are - 60 and 58 (right now is at 57 and 58) is this stable enough? will i be able to push it farther?

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    Looks pretty stable to me. Might give it a couple of hours with Linx too, just to be sure.
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