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    would this lower my temperature

    Hi i have already got a modded h60,added a 240 rad and reservoirs would adding a another 240 rad lower the temperature? any input would help

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    I guess it's cooling your CPU only. If yes, you should not get any improvement: 3.120 for the CPU only gives you a very low delta already, around 2/3C (assuming you use 3 fans).
    Adding a second 240 would reduce the delta by maybe 0.5C.
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    Any amout of rad will help. But your reaching the point of diminishing returns.

    Now your being limited by the block and pump of the H80, you add rad and hose, it reduces flow rate. It's gotta be pretty weak to start with.

    Adding another rad could decrease your flow rate to... bad, temps will climb.
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    +1 conumdrum.
    I tryed adding an h100 rad to my h60 and it just heated more partly because even when i submerged it to fill the system it still trapped air.
    your running a res so your should purge.
    having said that,
    for the price the corsair coolers have a pretty good water block and pretty good rad.

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    have allready got a aquabay m5 just not using pump,but can alternate between the h60 pump and the m5 pump

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    send your cut up and discared bits, i've got some more crazy hacks i want to try!!!!
    I can't post them as these guys will smack me down some more (lol).

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