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    ORIGIN - Eon11-S

    Hello Everyone,

    I was wondering what your take is on ORIGIN's small form factor gaming laptop.

    I am looking in purchasing something new and honestly I don't need this huge Desktop replacement of a gaming laptop that I have now.

    Does anyone have experience with the smaller form factors? Is 11" simply way to small to game on? (FPS, SC2, Diablo3, ECT).

    Spec wise the Eon11-S seems like it can hold it's own however the monitor can become a weak point being so small.
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    I was looking at it too for a replacement laptop, but im not sure if i would be able to live on an 11 inch screen.

    If i was gonna get it, i would probably go through xoticpc (its a clevo, so you can get the sager equivalent), i think the price works out to be a little less.
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    I think if you are looking for the best portable gaming experience then it's certainly worth it's weight in gold. I know they are discontinuing the popular mx11 to make way for this model so it will moree than likely be the system of choice for those wanting a small form factor gaming laptop. Personally I dont think the screen size is much of an issue, not for me anyway, and the features alone more than make up for any small complaints regarding screen size. I came across this site which has quite a bit of info on the laptop that you might want to check out.

    Now I have to find a way to sell my mx11 and invest in one of these babies!

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