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    What program to OC with?

    back on my old 9600pro I used ati tool

    my x1900xt came with an OC program that would auto clock built in

    Is there something that has an auto feature for my 6870? I don't just want to start throwing numbers out there and see what happens, I liked how both of the above programs would automatically back off when there were artifacts.
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    MSI afterburner is the best in my opinion, but it is still possible to overclock too much with this program. It does not do it automatically. I would search online for what others have done with that particular card and use that information to give yourself an idea. Other than that step up the clock by 5 and run furmark. If you see artifacts, up the voltage by a tick or so. You really just need to know what the max safe voltage is for your card.

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    Automatic overclocking programs are not reliable and should not be used. Take the time to do it manually and you won't regret it!

    In agreement with Fa5erba11. MSI afterburner is an excellent program... Not only good for OC'in but has good fan speed management/customization built in.

    Just make sure to step nice and slow... run the included stability tester (Kombustor) for at least 10min per step. When you get artifacting step it back 10-25 and then run stability testing for at least 2 hours to verify.
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    +1 for MSI Afterburner
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