The Great Chimp Challenge Team Folding Race - a race for Folding@Home.

May 15th, Noon through May 25th, Noon. Pacific Daylight Savings Time (gmt - 7 hours)

Fun, and an increased exposure for Folding@Home. If you have a friend (or ten!), with a strong computer, (or ten!), ask them to join us!

You're Invited!

If You Want to Race, It's Easy:

Download the new V7 folding client: (for OSX it's V6)

Click on the "Windows" button. Save the installer, and run it. It's easy! (at last!) If you need more detailed help, post up! Happy to help.

Info to Enter:

7777777]Our team race name is: T32monkeys
7777777]Our team number is: 32
7777777]Our public passkey is: 3311d92fd7ee331bd66dfe6eea01708b

The racing website address will be posted when it's finished. It's under construction, atm. Frequent updates and our blog like posts in the folding forum, keep you up to date with who's passing who!

Please come join us in the folding forum. This is THE big event of the folding year, and everyone is