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    In the Spring, a Man's Mind Turns to...

    The Great Chimp Challenge Race, of course.

    Hopefully ALL our teammates are thinking of it before it starts, on May 15, and will fold with us, through May 25th. We are competing against several of the biggest teams in Folding@Home, and even with a semi-handicap working for us, it will be impossible to be competitive without a lot of help.

    Our racing team name: T32monkeys (case sensitive)
    Our team number is 32
    Our racing passkey is: 3311d92fd7ee331bd66dfe6eea01708b

    Times are Noon to Noon on the start and finish, and the reference time zone is Pacific Daylight (gmt-7)

    The folding program is simple - just d/l the installer and run it. Enter the above info, and it does the rest:

    If you have any questions, please post them in the folding forum, or PM me - glad to help.

    Updates and at least one blog thread in the folding forum will be very active during the race, as well as the official website. It doesn't perhaps SOUND like it would be very exciting, but it winds up being just that!

    Hope to see you on the "starting line", May 15th.

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    Was there something wrong with this thread????
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    Yes, but I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it.

    It received one reply and clearly, we need to recruit more than one person, in this section, to race against teams with 2X, 3X, up to 4X our number.

    Are you willing to help out?

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