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    Question Help me with choice

    I'm going to buy new cooler for my AMD 955 BE and in some cases i'm confused i can't choice best cooler in price of max 50 $ (+-5$) i want to buy it on amazon i'm looked for some cooler and they are :
    Thermaltake Frio,Scythe Mugen 3 Rev. B SCMG-3100,Corsair A70..can't decide which to buy,please help me with choice and offer me other cooler in this price..Thank You

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    The first question to ask is how wide is your case. All of the coolers you reference are tall and would require a case of about 8" wide across the top (measured from outside to outside of the case). What make and model case do you have?
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    i have Raynor Tower G3 all this coolers puts in my case without problem

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